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How To Choose Pet Friendly Fabrics For Your Sofa

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Choosing pet friendly fabric doesn't have to be a difficult task. While we love our furry companions, we could live without the climbing, shedding and scratching that comes with them. While it's easy in theory to say Garfield will have to learn he's not allowed on the sofa, it'll be next to impossible to follow through.

With the right tools, you'll be able to select upholstery that is durable and ideal for your pets but also beautiful and complimentary to your home. Win-win for everyone!


Leather is an optimal choice for living with pets. Whether its genuine or faux, leather doesn't attract pet hair and spills are easily wiped away. However, leather is not scratch proof so claw happy Fluffy will still scratch.

Pet owner's rejoice! While leather is a good choice for its ease of cleaning and durability - it is not your only option.


Microfiber is an amazing option for pet owners, especially if scratching is a big issue. The dense material wears well, doesn't rip easily and cats don't seem to like clawing at it.

On top of that microfiber wears like a dream. Spills are quickly cleaned with soap and water, and fur can easily be removed with a vacuum or lint roller.


1. If microfiber or leather isn't for you choose a fabric with a thick, flat weave that claws won't get caught in and fur won't get stuck in.

2. Avoid fabrics that snag easily, such as tweeds and other textured fabrics.

3. Opt for a sofa with removable slipcovers. This way if kitty goes to town you can easily replace with a new cover or remove and wash the fabric.

4. It goes without saying but darker colours will hide dirt and fur.

5. If you must go with a light coloured sofa, purchase a throw or blanket where your pet can lie on. ​

6. Denim is another pet friendly material (if you're into that). It doesn't show tears or scratches and pet hair won't cling to it.

7. A strategically placed scratching post (and a little redirection) will prevent your pet from needing to scratch your furniture.

8. Scotch Guarding will help protect your furniture, making it easier to clean spills if accidents happen.


Got inspired?

Check out more condo-sized furniture. Great selection of sofa beds, sectionals, modular with storage, convertible transforming tables, murphy wall beds, storage beds & more. Reimagine Your Space Today!

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