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10 Step Guide for Holiday Hosting In a Small Space


You would love to host your loved ones for the holidays. But your living space can barely contain you, let alone friends and family. This 10-step guide and multifunctional furniture essentials will convert your small space into a cozy, chic space, ready to host your loved ones during the holiday season.

The holiday season is well and truly underway. Characterized by get-togethers, socializing, and reconnecting with long-lost loved ones, the season can feel like an entertainment nightmare if you live in a small home. The thought of cramming family and friends into your 800-square foot home – and possibly hosting overnight guests – can seem overwhelming, if not downright impossible.

Don’t let your small space stop you from hosting loved ones this holiday season. This step-by-step guide – and innovative, multifunctional furniture from Toronto condo furniture store Small Space Plus – will have your home ready to entertain your guests for the holidays and at any other time of year and all items are on SALE to kick start living more with less.

1. Map Out the Details

Outlining specific details is an obvious first step while planning any gathering. It is even more critical when you’re working with limited space where one unexpected additional guest can completely throw a spanner in the works.

Visualize the gathering you’d like to host. Is there an abundance of holiday-themed décor, or do you intend to have a more subtle ambiance? Is it a casual gathering or a sit-down affair? How many guests will be in attendance? How many of them will you need to accommodate overnight?

Note down each detail and come back to it during the planning process. Once you have a concept of the type of gathering you’d like to host and how many guests you will need to accommodate, you can use that as a guideline to plan your party.

2. Declutter

It doesn’t take much for a small space to look cluttered and disorderly. Get rid of all unnecessary items such as worn-out clothes and old mail – basically anything you haven’t used in a year. Focus especially on decluttering the entryway, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

tufted storage sofa bed sectional

Next, clear out all unnecessary décor items and store them out of sight. Multipurpose furniture with hidden storage compartments will make this task easier – and the end result will be much tidier. The Celine Storage Sofa Bed not only features hidden storage under the seating, it also doubles up as a bed for your houseguests.

If you have a lot of items to put away, consider investing in space-saving furniture like the Baxter Storage Bed, which has an unbelievably large storage capacity. This lift bed is equipped with a hydraulic lift, making it easy to stash and retrieve items.

Keep in mind that your best decluttering efforts could be undone in a flash once the party is in full swing – and once your overnight guests unpack their luggage. Avoid this by adding a compartment under the Baxter storage bed to make room for your guests’ belongings-seriously, you’d be surprised at just how much storage there is under this bed!

3. Designate Storage Space

smart storage bed drawer hydraulic lift

Several people with multiple personal items will overrun a small space in no time. The last thing you want is bags and coats scattered all over the entertainment area or your houseguests’ personal belongings strewn all over your house. Designate a place for these items to avoid them taking over your home.

Put guest linens away in the Lauren storage ottoman or the Grace storage bench when not in use during the day and store toiletries in a storage mirror to avoid clutter in your bathroom. Everything else can be stashed in an extra compartment under the Smart storage bed which cleverly provides drawer and 10" of underbed storage.

4. Prep and Plan for Food

Nobody wants to spend the entire holiday season hovering over the stove. Make fuss-free reheatable meals in advance for your overnight guests and store them in airtight containers.

Keep your party menu simple and include foods that allow you to do as much food prep as you can ahead of time. Naturally, you will need to cater to any guest allergies or sensitivities, but keep the number of dishes you need to prepare at a minimum.

Remember that more house occupants + more food = more trash. Stay ahead of the junk with the Totem bin that combines all your waste and recycling requirements without taking up too much space.

5. Create Space

Now that you have basic preparations under control, you can shift your focus to making room for your guests. Small spaces can get cramped quickly. You will need to create a free flow of movement in your entertainment area to avoid squeezing your guests in multiple detached areas. You will also need to make room for your guests’ belongings and to set up sleeping areas for your overnight guests.

Avoid bulky, ineffective storage units that take up a lot of floor space.

modular storage sofa bed

Convertible seating arrangements such as the Waterloo Modular Sofa efficiently maximize floor space and can be modified to suit different seating arrangements. As a bonus, both sofas convert into cozy beds for house guests and even more hidden storage.

To accentuate your freed-up floor space, incorporate accent mirrors in your wall décor to create the illusion of a larger space.

6. Decorate Wisely

Decorating a small space for the holidays can be challenging. A seven-foot tree with wide skirting and full trim may not be ideal when you’re hosting 15 people. This is no reason to forego festive décor, especially if you’d envisioned a holiday-themed party.

Play up the small space charm by using rugs and throw pillows to give

your guests a cozy, holiday cottage feel. Tape a garland to a wall in the shape of a tree and bring it to life with festive lights and ornaments. Get creative with your table décor and make good use of the ceiling by hanging your trimmings and lights.

You can absolutely have a festive atmosphere without sacrificing valuable hosting space.

7. Organize Seating Arrangements

Seating arrangements are tricky under the best of circumstances. Organizing seating for guests in a small space is one of the most common worries for anyone who wishes to host in a compact home.

If you’re hosting a casual party, the S-Cube 5-in-1 nesting ottoman is a

convenience masterpiece. Accommodating anywhere from one to 5 guests, this innovative piece is a beautiful ottoman when assembled and easily converts into 5 chairs when needed.


If you’re hosting a sit-down meal, Jonas Convertible Dining Table comfortably accommodates up to six guests. If you have more people coming over, the Harrison extending dining table gives you the

option to host up to 14 guests (and tucks neatly away as a chic console table when not in use). Both these tables pair well with the collapsible Samara folding chairs for a stylish dining setup.

Range Foldale Dining Chair

Despite our best efforts, we sometimes just simply do not have enough seating to accommodate all our guests. As a store that ​​specializes in furniture for small spaces, we will be providing support to hosts who need additional seating for their guests. The Lend-a-Chair program will provide extra chairs to customers in the Liberty Village Area during the holidays.

8. Plan the Food Station Layout

Tables take up a lot of floor space – a precious commodity in small houses. You will, however, need a

place to lay out food and drinks. The Milo convertible coffee table transforms into a food station which will save you having to put in additional tables.

If you want to save even more floor space, get the Horizon extendable table that you can tuck against the wall when not in use, only pulling them out when you’re ready to lay out the food.

Keep in mind that the bar area and food station are popular spots during parties. Avoid a bottleneck at the buffet by not putting everything in one spot. Set up your bar in the living room, the food in the dining room and dessert in the kitchen to prevent snarl-ups.

9. Establish Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping arrangements are usually the biggest concern for anyone hosting overnight guests in a small space. Most compact homes do not have a spare bedroom, meaning guests will either be sleeping in the living room or in another common area.

If you have one houseguest, the Ergos multifunctional convertible chair bed or Emery chair bed will accommodate them comfortably. If you have a pair of houseguests with little space, The Maya Sofa Bed packs a punch at 57" wide converts into a comfortable double bed.

Remember to position the bed near a lamp or light switch so your guests don’t have to fumble around in the dark.

10. Set the Mood

Ambiance can make or break a party. Warm, soft lighting will make your guests feel more comfortable so you might want to avoid bright overhead lights. Swap your bright bulb for lower wattage ones and get creative with candles and string lights. You could also dress up your light fixtures and add a festive touch with holiday-themed ribbons and burlap bows.

Put on a nice playlist so you’re not constantly shuttling between hosting and playing DJ. Use your TV as a décor prop by having a loop video of a crackling Yule log or playing a Christmas movie on mute.

Your compact home doesn’t have to be a cause for panic each time the holiday season rolls around. By making the most of your space with practical, multifunctional furniture and innovative storage solutions, you will be able to comfortably host your loved ones whenever you like. You can take advantage of the ongoing sale on all the space-saving furniture mentioned in this guide.

Break out the holiday cheer and enjoy the festivities with your friends and family. Remember that your loved ones’ focus is on spending the holidays with you.

Happy Holidays!

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