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How To Transform a Small Den Into A Bedroom With A Wall Bed

We were very excited to take on this custom wall bed project. Why? It was different than any that we had done prior. The whole process took place through email, screen shares and hopeful WiFi connections. Alysse was on a cruise line at sea working as a performer, while we were here in Toronto taking notes and making things happen.

See how we converted her 6' x 9' Toronto Annex den into a multi-functional bedroom/workspace/vanity combination. Alysse has a new space to return to after her work travels and has a fresh take on living more with less.


Objective: Convert 54 square foot den into a multi-functional bedroom while integrating functionality, maximizing space and storage with a strong emphasis on quality and design.

Must Haves: Largest bed size possible, wardrobe for gowns and clothing, vanity with lighting that can double as a desk.

Solutions: Integrating the must haves with careful strategic placement, maximizing vertical space, lighter colour palette combination and LED lighting to open up the space.


Alysse Ernewein

The Annex - Toronto

Tell us about yourself I am a young professional based out of Toronto, who travels a lot for my work. I came to the city for my performing career, and have fallen in love with its up-tempo beat and surrounding arts.

What do you love about Toronto? I love how the city doesn't feel like a massive city. It's broken down into small neighborhoods and feels more of a community than a massive city. I also love how each part of the city has a different flare or theme that surrounds it.

Which neighborhood do you live in and what do you love most about it? I live in the Annex, and I love how artsy and quirky it is.

Tell us about your small space and why it is relatable to other Torontonians? I live in a newer condo that is a one bedroom plus den and only 700 square feet. I feel newer buildings keep getting smaller and smaller; therefore new homeowners and residents should maximize their space to get the most out of it. I've found a new way of living with my custom wall bed and cabinets that allow me to maximize my den area exactly for what I need, allowing my quality of life and unit overall value to raise.

What challenges did you face while shopping for a custom wall bed? I faced looking for three things: quality, modern and possible as the space was very small.

How and why did you choose Small Space Plus? Because not only did their products have quality and modern finishes, Sherry, our designers and creator was able to work with us across oceans and manage to still bring our vision to life without ever meeting in person. The customer service was excellent. How did your custom project enhance your small space? Why do you love it? I feel as if not only is my space revamped, but my way of living as well. I am now way more minimalist and simple, which in terms lowers my stress levels and helps me in my day to day life.

Who would you recommend to shop at Small Space Plus? I would recommend Small Space Plus to all my friends, family and any new homeowners looking for a renovation to improve their space functionality and home quality. We love small space tips. What is one of your favorites? Be a minimalist! Living in a small space has inspired me to donate and rid myself of unnecessary clutter. I now have only the necessities and continue to strive towards having and using less. Lastly, what do you love most about small space living and how does it reflect where you are in your life? I love how it's made me more of the person I want to be. As I mentioned, I aim to use less and have only what I need to live a simpler and happy life.


As you can see from the photo, a double bed took up the whole width of the wall.

We utilized the remaining vertical space for extra storage and to create a customized fit under the duct system.

The entrance into the room is long and narrow. The desk serves as a vanity at an optimal width and depth, while keeping the space open. Inside upper cabinetry LED's brighten up the space and doubles as vanity lighting. We went with a light combination colour palette that keeps the space bright and open. Slim cylindrical handles add an elegant touch.


Got inspired?

Check out more condo-sized furniture. Great selection of sofa beds, sectionals, modular with storage, convertible transforming tables, murphy wall beds, storage beds & more. Re-imagine Your Space Today!

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